About us and our Facility!

The company was initially created in 1995 by Russ and Jason Guthrie. With the help of loyal customers, they have successfully run their North County business and keep it family ran. After Russ’ passing in 2020, his family continued to grow his legacy. The company now has three generations operating it. For a family-owned enterprise, legacy is often defined from the perspective of wealth distribution. However, for Anopass, our wealth is based on our customer relationships.

We have a state-of-the-art 5300 sq ft facility in Escondido, CA. We have a full-service anodizing line that allows us to consistently meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and deliver a consistent quality of every shipment.

The Sulfuric Acid Anodizing lines are also RoHS compliant chemical conversion coatings (Alodine/Iridite).

Tank Sizes

  • Black Anodize 60 in Long x 48 in Wide x 36 in Deep
  • Clear Anodize 96 in Long x 36 in Wide x 48 in Deep
  • Red, Blue, Gold and Green 36 in Long x 36 in Wide x 36 in Deep
  • Clear and Gold Chem Film 60 in Long x 48 in Wide x 36 in Deep
  • RoHS Clear Chem 60 in Long x 48 in Wide x 36 in Deep
  • Passivate (Any) 60 in Long x 24 in Wide x 36 in Deep
  • Bead Blast Cabinet is 30 in x 30 in x 24 in



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